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Mary C.

Mary spends her time coordinating, planning and hosting exciting events, exploring her local Brooklyn neighborhood, and sleeping on occasion. She loves games, books, cooking and especially the pulse of NYC! If you have any questions about POGO Events, contact
mary@pogoevents.com or 718-344-8962.


Bay Area Ops Manager/Event Coordinator

Nadege L.

Though Nadège visits NY often, this native daughter of Brooklyn has made her home in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. Her passion for travel has her often out playing Carmen San Diego or working on the next itinerary for herself, family and friends. Her favorite pastimes include traveling, music festivals, jazz clubs, wine and whisky tastings. Nadège happily hosts our Bay Area Pogo Events and can be reached at
nadege@pogoevents.com or 415-404-9063.

Events & Marketing Associate

Barbara L.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Barbara is a Rutgers University Graduate where she studied Communications and Art History. Currently a media and event sponsorship sales account executive, Barbara is also the newest member of the Pogo Events team. An occasional runner and full-time Rutgers Football fan, Barbara spends her free time at the Jersey Shore and Tweeting about Game of Thrones as well as all things Garden State!

Graphic Designer

Iris R.

Originally a Civil Engineer, Iris felt the need to follow more creative pursuits and immersed herself in the worlds of video editing and graphic design. She’s excited to contribute to the POGO Events team and design some amazing posters! When she’s not behind the computer screen, Iris is probably biking, painting, or exploring the city and going to concerts with her friends!


Event Assistant

Elizabeth G.

Elizabeth grew up in New York City.  During the first 16 years of her life, she found her passion for the arts and event planning.  Whenever she had the chance, she would participate in plays, coordinating parties, and write songs/poetry/scripts.  She moved upstate at 16 and moved back down to the city 6 years later.  After exploring the Social Work Field, she has decided to continue a journey of creative arts, film, advertising, and event planning.  She just wrote and produced her first film and looks forward to the future.  Outside of work, her favorite sport to play is basketball and favorite sport to watch is football!  Hopefully JETS will eventually become a good team!



Senior Event Coordinator

Senior Event Coordinator

Dawn J.

Dawn is a Jill of all trades who truly enjoys supporting the POGO staff. When she isn’t in the “office”, she can be found scouting out new beer bars, checking books out of the library, or preparing for foreign travel. As a rule, she never leaves home without a deck of cards, as you never know when entertainment might be needed!

Senior Event Coordinator

Senior Event Coordinator

Kori R.

As a born and bred Brooklynite, Kori loves everything about the five boroughs. Outside of the daily grind and volunteering duties, she also uses her talents to help promote and create different POGO events. Currently, she is the charge of the Brooklyn Scavenger Hunts. When she is not working “the best part-time job ever”, you can find her pursuing one of her many interests including reading, writing, dancing, exercise, finding the best burger, etc.

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Amy Z.

Living in New York all her life (apart from studying abroad in London) has given Amy a real love of the city and exploring all it has to offer. While on a short hiatus from full-time work she had the time to focus on her true passion of digital photography with her amazing subject – the city of NY.

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Amanda R.

Amanda is a lifelong games lover – from chutes and ladders to taboo, from game show network marathons to survivor. Her life is complete ever since she joined the amazing New York scavenger hunt! She loves reading and writing, finding new iced coffee joints, and learning new instruments.

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Jenna R.

Jenna graduated college with a BA in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts! She loves food! She enjoys having dinner parties and showing people new ways to eat traditional recipes. Because of this passion she recently started her my food website. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jenna has worked all over the city in hotels and restaurants so she has learned the high and low roads of NYC! On her off time she loves going out dancing and traveling!

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Amy G.

With a competitive spirit running through her–Amy prides herself on being involved in fun activities that require team spirit and a drive to win. Whether it be working a hunt or running a trivia night-helping others to race to the finish for the highest scores is her goal in life!! Other passions include health/weightloss coaching and helping those in need of life changes to make their new healthier self a reality! In her downtime…whenever possible–you can find Amy at live concerts-such as her favorite band of all time–Air Supply!

Assistant Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Rachel B.

Rachel moved to New York to pursue her dance career from Nebraska after graduating from Stephens College. During her time here she has worked for the Brooklyn Cyclones & Mets baseball teams along with bringing Holiday cheer as an Elf at Macy’s. In the past 10 years she has been busy moving and a shaking with many different dance shows and choreographers! She is excited to join the Pogo team! Her first experience with Pogo races she happily kicked and danced her way through the streets to a WIN!!!

Event Coordinator

Diana M.

Diana hails from the deep south (South America, that is). Being born and raised in Colombia and having come to the U.S. as a teenager by way of New Jersey, she has learned to appreciate the fun adventures that being so close to NYC can bring. Diana loves to travel, volunteer, drink Starbucks frappuccinos, karaoke, watch way too much TV, Broadway shows and hanging out with friends in the city. A great lover of adventures, Diana loves to plan fun excursions in the city and she’s bringing that passion for event planning to POGO events.

Assistant Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Greg M.

This self-proclaimed geek and native New Yorker is a recent New Jersey transplant. You can find this foodie, bar crawler, and movie\ Broadway aficionado frequenting the Big Apple. Drawing from his deep well of general knowledge and current events he loves writing scavenger hunts and coming up with challenging, but enjoyable obstacles for participants. Greg has a Bachelor in Psychology, Master in Information Systems, and a doctorate in fun.

Assistant Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Samantha A.

Samantha proudly hails from the Sunshine State and made her way to the concrete jungle 8 years ago in search of fun opportunities and new exciting things to discover. Thankfully NYC has plenty to offer. Everyday Samantha finds new things to get in to and she enjoys sharing her findings with others. When she is not helping others discover NYC, is planning events in NYC for the masses and loving it.

Event Coordinator

Amanda T.

Amanda T. is a recent graduate from Hofstra University, where she fell madly in love with the world of communications. Having received her bachelor of arts in broadcast journalism, public relations, and fine arts, Amanda knows how to work a crowd and blend in effortlessly. Born and raised in the city that never sleeps has led her to working numerous events from TV up-fronts to concert guest lists, and she even finds time to write for several online music publications as well as maintain her own music website. To say this girl has got a lot going on would be an understatement, but she wouldn’t want it any other way.

Event Coordinator

Sarose K.

Sarose is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she studied Psychology and Biology. A lover of all things music and entertainment, she was a member of The Victory Eights, the longest continuing, all female, collegiate a cappella group in the nation. Now that she is back home in the Big Apple for good, she is taking on corporate events by day and is a proud new member of the amazing Pogo team by night. On the off chance she is not creating an exciting event experience you can find her singing, collecting rubber ducks, trying new foods, spending time with her family and enjoying live music with friends.

Assistant Coordinator

Anna C.

Anna is a Brooklyn native whose motto is “Have MetroCard– will travel”.   A graduate of Hofstra University, where she majored in English and studied marketing—Anna enjoys keeping up with NYC’s energetic pulse and events. She enjoys getting together with her tristate area friends, loves coffee (a must!), and going to hear live bands. With a background in book publishing—Anna likes to keep up with current events, meet new people, and hunt for the latest bargain.  anna@pogoevents.com

sovic headshot

Jukebox Bingo Host


Originally from Virginia, Sovic has lived in various neighborhoods of Brooklyn for the past twelve years. As a teacher, he spent his days staring at the blank faces of his students and thought “Hey, I could get this same joy in my free time by hosting trivia nights and scavenger hunts!” And so he was led to Pogo Events. When not asking silly questions, he enjoys making food, eating food, making drinks, drinking drinks, and running (to try to counteract all that food and drink).

Scavenger Hunt Writer

Shoshana S.

Shoshana manages to possess the creativity and independence of a free spirit, while staying grounded and hard working. When she’s not busy in school, she can be found geocaching, singing, or volunteering. She is excited to bring her passions for adventure into event planning in the city that she loves.

San Francisco Team


Bay Area Hunt Writer

Beth B.

Beth is a graduate of Occidental College and Saint Mary’s College of CA. As well, she is now a current student at San Jose State University. She studied Education and is currently learning all about Librarianship. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she loves everything about Bay culture. A lover of concerts, reading, and travel, she is often seen listening to music while reading a book on an airplane. If she is not currently in flight, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, running, and watching the Golden State Warriors.


Event Coordinator

Jamie C.

Jamie is a professional actor and dancer who loves entertaining small crowds. A Philly girl until 2012, she decided to try out the “left coast” and it was love at first sight. While trying to find her place in the Bay Area, she trained to become a tour guide, learning all of the wonderful historic and cultural aspects of her beautiful new home. However, once she discovered her new passion, playing games with people, there was no turning back! From facilitating scavenger hunt challenges and team building events, to hosting pub trivia and assisting dance karaoke events, to now leading and writing hunts, she still manages to find time to throw on some glitter and a tutu and perform at street fairs and other big events in San Francisco!

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Kimberly K.

Kim was likely a game-show host in a former life, as her enthusiasm for competitive group activities has flourished into full-time career as an event host and facilitator. When she’s not leading our public hunts or private events, Kim enjoys supporting local non-profit organizations, or impromptu wine over boardgames with close friends.

Event Coordinator

Skye L.

Skye is an engineer and problem-solver with a creative, curious and compassionate soul that is deeply drawn to strategies and systems that meet human needs while cultivating a sustainable future.  She cares deeply about the harmonious integration of community, environment and ecosystem.  Aside of her professional role a sustainability engineer, Skye values community engagements and events planning in order to bring people, animals, plants and surroundings together in meaningful and memorable ways.  Scavenger hunt is one of many creative channels to practice her values!

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