“Thank you so much to Mary and Jen from Pogo Events! Our bride to be truly enjoyed her Bachelorette Amazing Hunt in Manhattan. All 8 of us were so happy we decided to have Pogo Events arrange everything for us! It truly was an Amazing time!” – Brigida’s Bachelorette

“This race was such a blast!! We were running around like crazy all over the city taking pictures with strangers, going to different locations doing funny stunts. It was hilarious! I’m born and raised in NY and never experienced the city this way. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to have a great time. Who said us New Yorkers are rude? Everyone we asked to take pictures with were such good sports and New York’s Finest (Cops) were so helpful in letting us know where some of the clues were located. Everyone got a kick out of it! We’re doing this again for sure! “ – Jeanie, Teams of Two Race

“It was a great way to spend the day and we were like lunatics racing around the City. We had so much fun and were literally sprinting to the finish line.” – Cindy, Underground Race

​”The Dog Friendly Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt was my first race with POGO and I had a blast. So did my dog Bandit! It was very well organized, and really challenged you to think creatively and competitively. I will definitely recommend this race (not just the dog friendly one) to all my friends!!” -Wendy S. – Dog Friendly Race


“The Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt is one of the most fun experiences that I have had in NYC. As a native New Yorker, it was great to explore new parts of the city as we ran and traveled through the city. On our first hunt, we were directed to a garden in Central Park that I had never been to and I live just a few blocks from the park. I could only imagine how enjoyable it would be for a tourist visiting NYC for the first time. Figuring out clues, completing tasks and taking pictures with strangers on the street, in stores and on the subway was truly an adrenaline rush. To date, I have participated in two hunts and I can’t wait until the next one as each one is such a unique and awesome adventure.” – Anthony P

“The Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt really made me appreciate how much there is to offer in this city. A combination of fun, excitement, competition and adrenaline made this one of the most exciting and different activities I have done while living in NY. Thumbs up!” – Jill R.

“I did the Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt over the summer with a bunch of friends. We had the best time running around the city trying to figure out the clues, doing the tasks and taking pictures of it along the way. We laughed the whole day. We got to pick our own team name and had the option to wear team shirts, outfits or whatever. The stories that we created that day still live on. We still laugh when we look at the pictures. What a great way to spend the day. I can’t wait to do it again.” – Elise B

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